Just Who Are the Guardians of the Galaxy?

Posted: February 25, 2014 in Comics, Movies
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By Sean Gallagher

*Very Minor Spoilers to follow*

Well,  by now you’ve surely seen the trailer for Marvel’s newest cinematic experience. Guardians of the Galaxy is set to launch this August and features the most rag tag team of whack jobs you’ve never heard of. Since Guardians is no where near as popular or as known as other entries in the Marvel Universe, 4ES is going to make your life easier by giving you the 101 on the the film as well as the
members of the team. Set in space, Guardians, at least as far as first impressions goes appears to be the Usual Suspects meets Indiana Jones in space, sprinkled with a touch of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek rendition. Do I have your attention now? (as if the trailer didn’t already have it). The story takes place before Avengers 2 and will directly set up that film with the events that take place. How does events that take place in space effect what’s going on Earth you might ask? Good question, and the short answer is: Thanos. Yup, that guy from the first post credit scene in Avengers 1. With the Infinity Stones/gauntlet being established in Thor 2, it’s pretty much set in stone (ha) now that Thanos is after those magical items. But that’s a different story for now. The Guardians are a rag tag team of killers, thieves and psychos who end up being the unlikely heroes of this tale. Members include:

Peter Quill aka Starlord: Played by Chris Pratt, Quill is the Han Solo/Jim Kirk-esque character and leader of the team. Taken from Earth when he was a child, his only attachment to his home world is his Sony walkman and his outdated playlist. He is a thief by trade and also a rogue and mainly looks out for himself.

Gamora: Played by Zoe Saldana, she is an assassin for hire. More notable though, she is the adopted daughter of Thanos and associate of Nebula and Ronan the Accuser, the film’s main antagonist.

Rocket Raccoon: Voiced by Bradley Cooper, Rocket is a hot tempered engineered thief convicted of over 50 vehicle hijackings. Being the only one of this kind has, apparently, left him with anger issues.

Drax the Destroyer: Played by Dave Bautista is a fierce warrior in search of vengeance against Ronan the Accuser who is responsible for the death of Drax’s family.

Groot: Voiced and motion captured by Vin Diesel. The true oddball of the team, Groot is a tree like alien who is only capable of saying the phrase “I am Groot”.  He serves as Rocket’s partner and muscle but is also the most innocent of the team. Image


From left: Gamora, Quill, Rocket, Drax and Groot.



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