Two Assassin’s Creed Games This Year and the Problems With That.

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Gaming
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By Sean Gallagher

A leak earlier today from Kotaku suggests that there will be two Assassin’s Creed games to be released this year, one for PS3 and 360 owners and another separate game for PS4 and Xbox One users. One of these games, tentatively titled “Unity” will take place it seems in 17th or 18th century Paris. I for one am wondering if this is the next phase in uber milking of the franchise, which has been annualized since 2009’s AC Brotherhood (one of my favourites in the series by the way). Is this dual game launch however a clever ploy to boost next gen sales? AC4 was heavily marketed as a PS4 experience yet it was available on all major platforms. It was also critically acclaimed and audiences agreed it kicked major ass. Yet now, the player experience will be divided by those who have bought the new consoles and those who remained with their fully functional and still market dominant last gen systems. There’s also the question of if these two games will be linked together, providing incomplete stories to anyone who doesn’t purchase both games but this issue is unlikely. If anything, they’ll be in the same universe at the same time but in different cities. With two teams working on these games rather than one large team working across platform like AC4, I also wonder if the quality of the experienced will be lowered due to the division of labour and experience. The second game, by the way, which remains completely unknown at this point, is code named “Comet”. This duality has me a bit nervous, but time shall tell. Until then, here are some of the leaked photos that emerged today of Unity to satisfy that curiosity of yours.




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