World Cup Group Picks by Nick and Sean

Posted: June 12, 2014 in Sports
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In this blog we make our World Cup of Soccer Group picks, I (Nickolai) will answer in bold, while Sean will answer in Italics

I (Nick) love sports and know a lot about sports like hockey, baseball and American Football, but when it comes to soccer I don’t know a lot about.

While I, Sean, grew up on it and know quite a fair bit about it. 

So let’s just say I’m a bandwagon person and I’m not when it comes to the World Cup, this is the only time I pay attention to soccer, and so some of my answers may be a little misinformed, or I just didn’t know what to say.

While I feel I might have a bit more prejudiced and harder opinions based on who I’d pick due to the fact that this is more my interest. 

Group A –

Brazil and Mexico Brazil gets a proper response, they are the host, they have an enormous amount of pressure to succeed and not getting past the group stages could be a disaster for the team and country, I think the pressure may affect them in the knock out stages, but not the group stage. Mexico, I was torn between Mexico and Croatia, in the end I picked Mexico I don’t know how far they’ll go, but they are good enough to be a pain for Brazil and the rest of the group. 

With homefield advantage, Brazil have a strong chance of winning the whole tournament. They have the players, skill and the support. They should go through with Croatia. 

Group B –

Spain and Netherlands It has to be Spain and the Netherlands that each get to the knock out stage, its already exciting enough that there is going to be a World Cup final rematch. Spain has won the 2010 World Cup and the 2012 Euro Cup, I doubt they are on the decline and I really think the Netherlands will have a chip on their shoulder and that will give them a successful group stage. 

Yeah, Spain. Although I can’t stand Spanish playstyle, they along with Germany, are a strong favourite. The Dutch too have a great team and should make top 8. 

Group C –

Greece and Japan A long time ago me and a friend of mind were blown away by the fact that the Greeks won the Euro cup, but didn’t even make the World Cup, well now they have and its time to prove everyone that they deserve to be there. Japan, their mascots are Pokemon, enough said right there, I hope they win it all so we can constantly see their mascots on T.V. also I heard they are quite good, but seriously Pokemon mascots they already won I my heart! 

Japan for sure, they have a strong team and might make top 8 with the help of the Man with the Golden Eyebrows. I’ll also say Cote d’Ivoire just to be different and think they can go beyond Greece who I think have not much to show for at the moment. 

Group D –

England and Italy I have a personal bias with both teams and I don’t think the pressure both teams will get will have them collapse in the group stage, also after a disastrous final to the Euro Cup Italy will want to show the world that, those finals were a mistake. As for England they have to win at one point or another, again personal bias I want both of them to make it.

Ah, the tough one. Both Italy and England have potential, but both also not in their primes and probably won’t make it past the round of 16. England might go further along with Uruguay who have the help of superstar Suarez.  

Group E –

France and Switzerland I didn’t know who to really pick, so I just picked these two, I don’t know how far France will go with all the corruption and issues that team has they might not even get out of this stage, but maybe they will prove us wrong. Ah the sleeper group in my opinion.

France will go ahead, but will probably only make it to top 8. I’m also going to put Ecuador as the second team to pull through instead of Switzerland. 

Group F –

Argentina and Nigeria Argentina has to make it past this stage, Messi has won everything except the World Cup, and he’s becoming one of those athletes who win it all, except for the biggest stage of them all. I think Argentina has to be second when it comes to most pressure, cause let’s face it no one can pass Brazil in pressure. Nigeria on the other hand just seems like the team that will take second spot either tying or losing once to Argentina. 

Argentina will obviously make it and has a chance to be top 4 with the prowess of Messi helping the team, but Iran might just go far as well, showing strength and skill against Portugal in the qualification rounds. 

Group G –

Portugal and Germany Ah the group of death, sorry USA but I can’t see Portugal or Germany not making it to the next round. If I had to pick between Germany and Portugal for first in the group I pick Germany, yes I went there, they are a team that has been on the rise for a while and now its time to put up or shut up, I think Germany will put up.

If Ronaldo is on the squad and his injury doesn’t effect him, then Portugal will go far, maybe even Top 4. Germany are in prime position to be one of the possibly winners of the whole tournament so if you’re feeling lucky and want to place a bet. Or just get drunk. But don’t let Ghana surprise you, they were fantastic in 2010 and if Ronaldo is out then my money is on Ghana in the round of 16. 

Group H –

Belgium and Russia Almost like Group E I really didn’t know who to pick and frankly I doubt I will watch a lot of the Group H games so I just picked two places, sorry Korea and Algeria, the other two got picked out of the hat.

Russia is quite the strong and surprising team and I can see them getting to the round of 16 no problem at all. I’m going to surprise a few I’m sure by saying Korea will go further than Belgium, I know they have a strong team but I think Korea might surprise. 

Did our picks help? Will I be right about any of them? Will I?  Probably, but don’t take my word for it. Take mine. Don’t take his take mine! Please feel free to let us know who you want to advance in the World Cup, or who you want to win it all.

My bets on them Germans. 

My bias says England or Italy, my none bias says Germany as well, although team Pokemon, I mean Japan would be pretty cool too!

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