Hey Ho, Let’s Go! The Significance of having a Ramones Film and Who Should Play the (other) Fav Four.

Posted: September 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

by Sean Gallagher

It was announced earlier this week that legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese (Goodfellas, The Departed, Hugo) will be directing a film about The Ramones, the influential punk rock band from New York City. Despite all sharing the name “Ramone”, the four musicians are not related nor are they born with the name Ramone. Compared with the likes of The Rolling Stones or The Beatles, one might be wondering how come The Ramones are getting the biopic treatment seeing as they aren’t as big as those groups as the band did not fair that well on the Billboard music chart. While they might not be as big commercially, The Ramones are certainly just as important as them for their contribution to music as whole. Like Chuck Berry and Black Sabbath who pioneered their respective genres before them, The Ramones are hugely responsible for inspiring the punk rock movement.

Many bands have cited the band as their influence and it’d be interesting to see what the music world would be like today without the influence of the other fab four. Would we have bands like Social Distortion or Green Day and how would bands like The Stokes, Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters/Nirvana sound like, all who have cited The Ramones as huge influences on their bands? I’m sure we’d be living in a very musically different place and it’s nice to see that the powers that be are going to recognize their influence in a film set to be released on the 40th anniversary of the band’s debut album in 2016.

It will be interesting to see the Scorsese-isms come to life with within the emerging punk scene in the 1970s. Scorsese is known for his long meticulously crafted epics, quite often centered on the life of a particular individual as he rises and falls in his attempt of capturing the American Dream and this mantra fits in quite well for Scorsese with the rise and inevitable falling outs within the band.  I’m thinking The Commitments meets Walk the Line with that Scorsese style we’ve come to love and admire.


Now comes the interesting fun part of wondering who will get to play The Ramones on screen? Will they pick up and coming actors, unknowns or bigger names to attract a wider audience? I’m opting for a mix of up and coming with star appeal and here’s who I’d like to see cast in the film:

Adam Driver (Girls, The F-Word) as Joey Ramone, Emile Hirish (Lords of Dogtown, Alpha Dog) as Tommy Ramone, Sam Claffin (Catching Fire, The Riot Club) as Dee Dee Ramone Joel David Moore (Avatar, Dodgeball) as Johnny Ramone The latter, Joel might be a big of a stretch due to the fact that he a Ramone, Joey in this case, in 2013’s CBCG but I think he has a credible resemblance to Johnny.


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