Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer Analyzed

Posted: December 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

by Sean Gallagher


I’ve let this wait a few days so I can have the most time to verify the footage to make the most academic and logical assumptions based on the first footage shown last Friday. However, being a teaser, most of this is my own assumption and shouldn’t be taken as fact.

So, how about that teaser? The new Star Wars teaser did a wonderful job at setting up so many questions and theories for it’s fans while revealing no plot details at all, just as a good teaser should. Clocking in at just 88 seconds with only 7 sequences to drool over, there really isn’t much to look over. But with less than a minute and a half, the trailer lit a fire on the internet, causing a lot of hype, questions, concern and backlash. I’ll go over the trailer, which will be embedded, and give my super hardcore analysis of what I think is going on.

The first thing we see is a desert, which is without a doubt Tatooine, the sand planet featured in 5 of the 6 films to date and the home of both Skywalkers. As Andy Serkis delivers his ominous voice over, we see John Boyega decked out in a stormtrooper outfit, looking drained and panicked. One theory is that, like Luke in a New Hope, he’s acquired a stolen uniform and is undercover. However, I believe that he is an AWOL stormtrooper who also happens to be Force sensitive. “But how can a black man be a stormtrooper??” cried the internet. Glad they asked. See, the casual fan believes that all stormtroopers are clone troopers from the prequel trilogy when it is cannon knowledge that the Empire began a recruiting campaign sometime before the original trilogy, rendering all troopers except the 501st as anyone but a clone trooper. Hence why in the original trilogy the stormtroopers are various heights.


We then see a droid which looks like it is on a soccer ball rolling across the desert sand with what seems to be old podracers in a junk yard. With the fall of Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi, did podracing fall out of fashion and become junk?

ball droid

From there we get a quick shot of the new stormtrooper uniform (take note of the various heights of the troopers, not clones**). They appear to be in a landing shuttle ready to attack. Is this the film’s opening scene? Or are they hunting Boyega’s character? In the last frame we can see that they have indeed landed at night on a planet with silhouette figures in the distance, possibly rendez vous with another squad. We also get a close up of the new rifles, which looks like a modified version of what the troopers carried around in the originals.


Next up we see Daisy Ripley in an unknown role. While I’m not certain of this at all, I’m thinking she’s the daughter of Han and Leia. I’m not too certain of this however as she appears to be a scavenger, not the daughter of royalty. But she would be taking on after her father if this is the case. Her costume is very rugged and survial, with the goggles adding to the idea that she spends long periods of time away from shelter. Her speeder is also decked out with a type of laser rifle. The next cut shows her on her speeder bike speeding towards industrial looking buildings, goggles on and no laser device anymore on the side.


Ok now things get super good. We see our first look at Oscar Issac as an X-Wing fighter. The X-Wing squad features both red squadron and blue squadron in attack formations so they are definitely out to get someone on what could be Yavin IV from a New Hope, the Rebel Base. On Issac’s helmet we see the Rebel insignia, which coupled with stormtroopers suggests that the conflict didn’t end after the destruction of the Death Star in Return of the Jedi. Perhaps the Empire simply retreated to gather their forces or their influence over the galaxy was strong enough that their dictatorship could continue without the Emperor.

oscar             xwings

Finally, the first of two money shots. We see a figure shrouded in black clothing, possibly Sith, limping into a dark snowy forest before violently whipping out his lighsaber and as I’m sure you know by know, looks like an old medival greatsword with laser crossguards and all. “How is this logical/efficient??” protests the internet? Two theories, which can be stacked. One, this is an ancient Sith, whose saber is heavily outdated, hence the aggressive and uneven saber. The film is called The Force Awakens after all, perhaps he has awoken (if this is Darth Bane I might scream in joy). Another is that the saber hilt is made of Phirk, the only known saber resistant substances in the galaxy. The Emperor’s own saber was made of this material and the crossguards would be unstoppable if they were in fact made of this material.

saber metal 2

Finally, we see her. The Millennium Falcon. Swooping in the air across Tatooine as she twists and turns while evading two TIE fighters. Who is piloting this bird?  We may automatically assumed Han and Chewie but what if he passed his beloved ship on, say to his son? Also worth noting that the Falcon isn’t firing back at the TIE fighters, which suggests they are more worried about getting out of dodge than they are destroying the enemy.


So there you have it. My two cents. Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!


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