Welcome to the 4ES Podcast Website/Word Press page!

The 4ES Podcast was founded by Nickolai Vincelli and Sean Gallagher and was formed in the Summer of 2013.

4ES which stands for For Entertainment and Sports (and is a play on the journalistic fourth estate), is an opinionated and informative podcast where we discuss an array of topics such as movies, video games, pop culture, music and of course the wide world of Sports. Of course there is always room for rants and banter about what is going on in the world, as well as our own backyards.

This Website will not only have links to the podcasts, but will also feature original articles by us as well as our contributors.

Remember to keep an open mind as this is a new undertaking and we promise to try our best to get as much content out there as we can.

You can follow us on twitter for updates @seangallagher07 @NVincelli and of course follow the podcast @Podcast_4ES

If you would like to contribute in anyway either on the podcast or writing your own article, or blog for the site, help us produce the pod, edit, or are interested in promotion and social networking,  please feel free to send us an email at 4espodcast@gmail.com, or contact us on one of our twitter accounts and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Fun fact: Nick has his own personal blog http://nickolaisblog.wordpress.com/ he is also a Sports writer for http://lastwordonsports.com/ here is the link to his past LWOS articles http://lastwordonsports.com/author/nickolai/


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